Mentoring on Startup Weekend Auckland

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Why Mentor

Develop skills, have fun and pay it forward to a new generation of NZ entrepreneurs

The Mentoring team is made up of talented professionals and entrepreneurs like you who are looking to pay it forward to a new generation of New Zealand Entrepreneurs. 

Mentors in previous New Zealand Startup Weekends have not only contributed valuable information, advice and networks to these budding ventures, they also connect with other Mentors, share their ideas, ventures and resources and have some fun doing so. 

As a Mentor you’ll also have a chance to meet other talented and extraordinary individuals who will make up the mentoring team and of course have the kudos of being involved with SW and listed on our site as a mentor.

Mentoring passionate participants, seeing innovation grow across a dozen or so teams, working alongside other mentors and developing insight and skills can be extremely educational, fun and very rewarding.

Mentor Talents

Ideally Mentors have passion and expertise in some of the following – Startups (lean), web, market validation, commercialisation, pitching, business, design, etc and can work with a talented group of peers as a team. We are particularly looking for those who advance early stage startup teams and their understanding as they go through idea pivots, team dynamics and the challenges of lean startup.

What is Startup Weekend

What Startup Weekend Mentors Do

Mentors will check in on teams and co-ordinate with the Lead Mentor and other Mentors about the teams process.

In particular:

  • Ensuring teams are moving through the Start Weekend process
  • Challenging thinking, asking the “obvious questions”
  • Providing intros to specialist mentors and other external people
  • Providing any other help that the teams may need

Startup Weekend Mentor Commitments

Most people do 40 something hours in a 5 day week. Startup Weekend does that in a little over two days. Many Mentors love the energy Startup Weekend creates and stick around for the entire 54 hrs. Its a unique experience. 

You will need to be available for 80 to 90% of the time that Startup Weekend is running. That means a couple of late nights and early starts over the weekend. It is expected that  Mentors attend a briefing late on Friday night (about 10 PM) as teams are forming.

We especially encourage Mentors to come along to the final pitches and prize giving on Sunday afternoon/evening. It’s the culmination of all the good work and its amazing to see what the teams have done.

  • You will need to be available for 80 to 90% of the time that Startup Weekend is running.
  • Mentors attend a briefing late on Friday night (about 10 PM) as teams are forming where we go over the Startup Weekend Auckland mentoring process.

What Startup Weekend Mentors Say…

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