Mike Zeff

Great to be a part of a larger team helping people things they weren’t aware they could.

Sam Kidd

Great event as always. Still learning more and more about teams and helping them to look deeper into the process. Massive learnings as always for me and hanging and gain insight from the mentors is always so valuable. It is my business course.

Phil Cockfield

The impeccable way the space was maintained for mentors. The structure, depth and theoretical frame made mentoring so much of a learning opportunity. The emphasis on helping teams through process and interpersonal dynamics rather than through content or specific experience.


I came here looking to work with great people. I was incredibly impressed with the quality, intelligence, motivation and welcoming into the event. So thank you!!


It was a fantastic opportunity to meet and learn from a great group of mentors. It was great to learn more about the lean campus in the start-up process. Very rewarding to see participants grow over the course of the weekend.


Learnt a lot about the dynamic of teams and how to mentor a team. Very different to mentoring an individual person. Learned about Socratic enquiry; lots of practice asking good questions. Learning about the journey that people go through from start to finish. Learning the way teams get together over time.


First time and nerves overcome by a very supportive mental team. Land that many people with shared passions deliver incredible results. Extremely well organised. Lots of personal learnings around process and team engagement.