Startup weekend is about making ideas happen. It connects like minded doers like you to solve problems, challenge themselves and create business they love.

Startup Weekend will be back 5 - 7 May 2017!

Startup Weekend November 2016 was a whirlwhind 54 hours with 120 participants, 23 mentors, 70-odd ideas pitched, 14 teams formed and two themes: Education and Social Enterprise.

View the event wrap up here.
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What do you get out of Startup Weekend?

  • Join our exclusive Startup Weekend community of likeminded, passionate change makers
  • Meet friends, potential cofounders and mentors
  • Use the social lean canvas to create an impact first business
  • Gain new skills and tools and test your abilities
  • Develop a holistic understanding of business and processes
  • Build resilience and capabilities
  • Increase your productivity

How it works

On Friday night you’ll turn up excited and possibly a little nervous. There will be food and a chance to meet some of your fellow participants before pitching begins. Everyone is welcome to pitch an idea, though you don’t have to. Those who pitch will have 60 seconds to share their idea and convince others to join them.

Then it’s all about the hustle. Teams will then form organically around the ideas that had traction with the audience. Work then begins with defining your purpose and having a first go at your Social Lean Canvas.

Saturday is about validation and building your impact and business models. You will have to get out and talk to customers to find out if your idea is something people want. If it isn’t?  You’ll need to pivot your idea and solution to find a market. This is an iterative process until you find the sweet spot.

Sunday is all about refining your enterprise and preparing your pitch. Sunday evening your team will be doing a presentation to judges from the industry. After pitches? The winner will be announced and it’s time rejoice, relax and sleep!


5.30pm Doors open Get checked in
Eat, meet people, practice pitches, share ideas
7.00pm Welcome and intro  Education and Social Enterprise together
7.30pm 1 minute pitches Split into themes. If you have an idea – now’s your chance to pitch!
8.30pm Team forming Hustle to find team members or join someone who has an idea you like.
9.00pm (ish) Work begins Find a spot to set up for the weekend and get to know each other. Discuss your skills and get started on the Social Lean Canvas
1.00am Venue closes

8.00pm Doors open Breakfast, then get started working
11.45am 1 minute updates Let the rest of Startup Weekend know what your team is up to, calls for help
12.30pm Lunch
5.00pm Photo booth Have some fun and relax!
6.15pm 1 minute updates
6.30pm Dinner
9.30pm Pitch practice #1 First chance to practice your pitch in front of the mentors.
1.00am Doors close

8.00pm Doors open Breakfast, then get started working
9.00am 1 minute updates Let the rest of Startup Weekend know what your team is up to, calls for help
10.15am Pitch practice #2
12.00pm Lunch
1.00pm Pitch practice #3
6.15pm 1 minute updates
4.30pm Down tools Pack up before final presentations begin
5.00pm Final pitches We will have half of the pitches and then break for dinner
9.00pm Team photos and break
9.30pm Winners announced

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